Fred Holder

Fred Holder

Sales Agent/Realtor/USMC Veteran

About Fred Holder

Fred Holder

Was raised in Eagle Idaho a small 300 people town consist of a Gas Station , a Wild West drug store and soda fountain, lots of stuff for treating Cows and Horses. and a nice little Post office. I think my parents loved the wild west because you could yell and no one could hear you. 

There was a one large school room  for all 8 grades to attend and we had one teacher that thought us all Her Name old Lady Lusk good teacher but didn’t mind using the belt. We also had outside toilets, that on Halloween were tipped over, Until the school fathers anchored them down, if we brought play guns to school to play cops, and robbers, something we thought were fun, to her she disliked we got the rubber hose.  

We were able to ride the Horses to school because we didn’t have buses and so just tie them up to the hi chin post. 

I finished my 8 years there and my brother did up to 6 th grade.

We attended  Church every Saturday in the same building.

My parents move up the road 3 miles where the house we moved into had running water but had to use a outhouse and Idaho gets cold in the winter time. But dad needed to buy and sell Horses and so he leased 93 thousand acres from the government to run Cattle and Horses on, and in the fall here came the sheep herders , it was fun to ride my Shelton pony and have my Colie dog by my side and ride full speed gathering up the horses and cattle that needed checked on miss those days. 

My parents decided that we needed a cow to milk and have butter, and cottage cheese from so they got one, me and my brother were to young to milk.  After a few years they moved closer to school a house became empty, it was a nice small 2 bedroom it had a bathroom and so that was nice, A coal burning stove and a wood or coal cook stove, My mom had to drive a car 5 miles to the new grocery store in eagle and she or dad didn’t tell or show me how to keep the house warm, and at that time we had a new baby Sister arrive so one day she woke up crying and we all were cold, so I said were going to get warm, like said it gets cold in Eagle, so I put some paper and Coal in the pop belly stove, but Dad or Mom didn’t tell me how many pieces it takes to make it warm so I dump the whole bucket in the stove. And when it got going the coal made the stove cherry red, black smoke was coming out the smoke stack, the house was really getting warm, and I guess our Guardian Angle saw the smoke and he stopped and asked if we were OK, I said yes but my baby brother and sister were cold so I just wanted to warm up the house, he asked how munch coal did you put in the stove I told him,  He said Never more than one or two pieces When Mom came home I told her a Guardian Angle came and helped us and she said you almost burnt the house down yes but was trying to keep warm.

When I went to High school, I wanted to be a Baker so I went to Mount Ellis in Bozaman Montana  for two years, and worked in the kitchen, after two years I wanted to be close to home Our Parents got a divorce and I wanted to help Dad around the house and with the animals also learned  how to milk the cows. We lived on a smaller farm now and didn’t have so many Horses

At age 15 I was asked if I wanted to earn money working on a Mink ranch they were 3 miles from my home, during the summer, I said yes the owner had 9300 Mink to take care of, feeding them was interesting they were all in cages, you had a large cart to push that had the food for them, you wore heavy leather gloves, because they can bite you when you lift the lid to their cage. And yes I did get bit some.  I did this for two summers. and it was real interesting, while preparing the food which was Fish, and Cow and some times a Horse that had died, The grinder had to be moved for cleaning well hear we go again no one told me don’t push of hold on to the belts of the grinder, and I was trying to do a good job so I asked one of the helpers to pull from the front of the grinder and I will push  well in moving  it it rocked some at that sec, my hands was holding  on to the belts of the motor. and Yes I had to go to Dr. because the pulley on the motor pulled my thumb around the pulley so as of this moment I still have a scar on my thumb due to thew pulley it makes me have a double fingernail.  

I graduated from Gem State Academy in Caldwell Idaho beautiful town about 10 miles from Eagle. My dad asked me Son where you want to go to Bakers Collage I said How bout Pillsbury  Bakers school. And the place the one I could afford was Okmulgee, Oklahoma. 

So in the fall I packed my suitcase and went to Okmulgee, State Tech one of the highly respected schools for baking and said they would help find employment t after two years. I stayed right on campus and learned the trade.  After graduation g I got a job at Arlington Texas at the College in the baking was there about 8 months and Rainbow Bread was hiring so I applied and got the job. My first job was delivering bread door to door. I had a great rout and nice people. When they discontinue the door to door I moved inside to bake and ran the sweet rolls division and bread rapping ,

Here comes Our dear President JFK I went to see him in town and saw him get killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Shortly after the Government needed bodies for the Vietnam War, so they called me up and said you meet what uncle SAM needs Your and Marine  and the plane leaves in 1 1/2 hours call your wife and tell her to meet you at Love Field. 

I was government property for two years as a Baker feeding  the troops  It was a nice experience and one I will never forget  And I came out a Carpal with a Honorable discharge.

Lived in Sacramento, California. I told my wife and kids lets buy a nice house so we did 3 bedroom, 2 bath nice large lot, for $12,500.00 threw my VA what a great gift. same house now is $450,000.00.

I went into being a Carpenters Apprentice with Local 586 for 4 years, and the teaching thought me a lot, from Tilt ups to Wood frame and from building Motels in Bran son Mo. And 100 unit Apartment buildings

A round building for Spring Field Alum. in Nixa Mo.  all the plans just off a napkin.

Moved back to California with the family and told my kids That Dad was going  to buy an new home again for us all to live in So did that in Sacramento, where my family was. The sate of California was hiring for State Inspectors for their new Prison Program, I said that would  be good since I have all my background in Construction. So I applied, and sure enough they hired me for a project in Riverside County. They didn’t tell me it is in Blythe California where  it gets 126 degrees  there, but it was a good job. You meet a lot of new faces in town and they are all glad to see new money come to them. 

After two years you move to start a new site at the end of 14 years of being away from your family and your home in Sacramento  I said its time to retire. and it kinda cost me a son that his mom said he must of been on drugs  because I haven’t  seen him in 30 years.

I have always been interested in Real estate so I went to Centry -21 school and took the year long course in Sacramento.  I passed all my course but didn’t take the State Test due to My wife wanting to retire in Texas.

In 1974 I took the Real estate course for Southwest Mo. State  and at at that time the teacher said if you don’t have 6 months of money put back for you to live on you students may not make it Well I didn’t so I stayed with Construction. 

After moving back to Texas and taking the course again  and passing  and receiving the State Licence  it has helped me understand Real estate better. and to see that there is a lot more  than just selling or buying a house. 

I started with KW here in Weatherford but after 2 years you always want more and as  Veteran I want to give back to the Vets and So I came over to a nice group of Vets that want to help and your not just a number with your Broker.  I live the Golden Rule   Be Honest, Have Integrity, and be Loyal to all your people and your clients, stay focus on your family, your God, and than your business.  

Some times you feel as tho your on a bucking  bull but hold on  and ride it out , I’ve been blessed and love helping people, Real-estate sells it self  if you let it.  

The one thing I have learned in all of my 76 years is I don’t know everything but am willing to learn and I will share with anyone my expertise.  

I would be Honored to be your AGENT to  find your dreams.


Fred Holder