Robert Poage

Robert Poage

Sales Agent/Realtor/US Army Veteran

  • Office: 817-980-3763
  • Office Location: Fort Worth

About Robert Poage

After spending over 20 years in the Army, I wanted to find another career field that wasn’t just a job, but where I actually could use my experience to still serve my community.

After moving over a dozen times during my career, I have experienced many relocations that were great and many that were not so great. I understand the emotions that are involved with relocating from one house into a new home, and realize how our children and even pets are impacted by these changes. I also realized that my moves were much easier when I was working with a Professional Real Estate Agent that actually cared about me and my family and wasn’t just looking at me as a paycheck. I realized that the more an agent understood what I was dealing with, the smoother the process worked out.

Before retiring from the Army, I began working on my Real Estate License, because I realised that this would definitely be a career where I could give back and use some of my own experiences to help others. After settling down in North Texas, I finished my licensing and become a licensed real estate agent. One of the first certifications I got was being recognized by the Texas Veterans Land Board as a Real Estate Professional, knowledgeable in the Texas specific programs for fellow Veterans.

As someone who has dedicated most of my adult life to service, I am so happy to have found another career where I can not only continue to serve, but specifically where I can give back to the Veteran community. I take pride in saying “ A ‘Soldier for Life’ still serving with integrity”!